My Story

rnr-7660Hi! I’m Claudia.

I work with people who yearn to live in the flow of their deepest, most ecstatic creative desires…

I remind them of their own unique genius by teaching them how inject every aspect of their lives with a big, fat dose of Pleasure.

I believe that the creative process should feel…as exciting as your first kissas thrilling as your first rock n roll concertas delicious as that first, ripe strawberry in springtime…and as ecstatic as…a massive, juicy Orgasm.

In fact, everything I do is about helping tune you to your highest source of inspiration, where EVERYTHING that you want lies waiting, ripe for your plucking…

I’m here to help you live the Ecstasy that is your birthright.

A little bit about me?

Well, I’ve never been one to define what I do in simple terms, but in the simplest of terms…I’m a Renaissance Woman.

I sing. I play guitar + piano. I’m a writer. I love taking photographs + experimenting with alternative, old-school photo processes. I’m obsessed with all things food + cooking. And in the past two+ years…I’ve built up a business where I get to do most (if not all!) of the above. Hence…the Rock & Roll Renaissance.

See, I believe that when we try to stuff ourselves into conventional, little career boxes, our creativity gets…smashed. We feel constricted. We feel like multi-dimensional, expansive gods/goddesses, trying to squish ourselves into a mold that some other (well-meaning) human created for us. Someone that has NO IDEA what our deepest, most heartfelt desires are…simply because they haven’t walked in our shoes. They don’t know. They just don’t.

I believe that we live in a magical universe filled with infinite possibility, that’s ready to give us everything…I mean, EVERY-THING that we desire, so long as we embrace those desires, and follow the breadcrumb trail of what feels good to us…now.

I’m here to help you fan the flames of your desires and connect with your highest, most ecstatic creative potential…so that you may carve out the life + creative, Renaissance career that you lust after…

Here are just a few of the things I’ve created for myself over the past few years, since making the decision to live a Pleasure-centered life of Ecstasy:

-a dream relationship with my soul-partner, who, if I had made a list a few years ago of all the qualities I was looking for in a relationship, has all of them. I mean, ALL OF THEM.

-a business together where we host ecstatic, creative retreats + parties for our beloved community in Los Angeles.

-my dream home in beautiful, Topanga Canyon, California, which doubles as our creative retreat space + party zone!

-large piles of money, that arrive, seemingly out of the blue, right when I need them most.

-my sweet, soul-puppy, a white Siberian husky named Dakota, whom a scooped up from the pound a year ago.

I’m living proof that it doesn’t take hard work or tons of soul-sucking effort to create the life of your dreams…you just have to have to follow the trail of what most turns you on…right now, in this moment – and be willing dive deep into the ocean of your own Ecstasy.

That’s what I’m here to help you with ;).