How I Roll…

Hello gorgeous…

I’m ecstatic that you’ve made it all the way here – yes, yes…YES! Before you take the leap in working with me, there are few things that I’d love for you to know:

First of all, Ecstatic Creativity ceremonies are ideal for people who:

-desire to dive deep into their own Ecstatic potential. That means, being open and receptive to taking the journey towards receiving EVERYTHING that you want…and letting go of those icky, old, cumbersome beliefs that tell you otherwise.

This medicine is NOT ideal for people who:

-sorta-kinda wanna change, but aren’t quite ready or willing to plunge into the depths of their own Ecstasy.
-are looking for a sounding-board for their negative, self-limiting beliefs. Of course, I will do everything in my power to help you soothe anything that comes up, however, we will not spend much time wallowing in anything that does not serve you (I know this can feel like tough love, but trust me on this one;))
-are looking for a quick-fix, silver bullet kinda experience of just…getting it done + over with. It’s about the journey, yo!

Last but not least? Take a moment to familiarize yourself with my cancellation policies:

If you need to cancel our session, please do so within 24 hours of our scheduled meeting time. If not, you will be charged in full for the session.

If you are going to be late, please notify me ASAP. We will work within the original, scheduled time arrangement.

I do not accept trades, nor offer discounts for my services. My current rate for an hour-and-a-half Ecstatic Creativity ceremony is $175, plus a half hour of integration time on the land/in the hot tub, if desired.

Thank you!

With Love and Mischief,